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Medilsys is supporting you to increasing all of clinicians and patients safety with its innovative patient data management solutions

Founded in 2015, Medilsys provides hospitals with innovative clinical information systems for intensive care

Medilsys solutions enhance all of care quality and financial performances and facilitate clinical research.

Our solutions manage most complex and expensive care in high acuity environment where mortality and morbidity are the highest. Medilsys Intensive Care embed proprietary AI algorithms that autonomously forecast major COVID-19 complications up to 72 hours before onset using patient data. Clinicians can then act early and improve complications outcome. Moreover, Medilsys Intensive Care is designed to be a best in class Tele-ICU platform enabling co-located team of intensivists and Critical Care nurses to remotely monitor patients in the ICU regardless of patient location enhancing staff collaboration and reducing risk of contamination by minimizing traffic in and out of patient room.

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