Transforming clinical documentation process


The older generation computerized medical records (Dossiers Médicaux Informatisés) (EMRs) are often difficult to handle because they are not intuitive and time-consuming for doctors and nurses.

This limitation is even more marked in intensive care units. Indeed, the frequency of data entry and the amount of data per patient are significantly increasing and are likely to become a source of burnout for medical staff as well as a source of errors. According to a study conducted by the “American Journal of Emergency Medicine”, doctors are required to make up to 4,000 clicks per day using a conventional Computerized Medical Records (DMI), which leads to confusion and errors that can be fatal for the patient. The same study found that doctors spend an average of 43% of their time on data entry compared to only 28% on treating the patient.

Unlike the conventional Computerized Medical Records methods (EMR), Medilsys solutions are designed to facilitate the medical team’s tasks and maximize the time they spend on their patients. Medilsys has created an innovative solution that transforms the conventional monitoring and documentation processes in the Intensive Care Unit. In fact, today, at the Military Hospital of Tunis, thanks to our innovative solutions, a doctor performs 95% of cases less than 917 clicks per day compared to 4,000 clicks with a conventional Computerized Medical Records (EMR). As for a nurse, he performs less than 300 clicks per day. Therefore, the doctor can devote 58% of his time to his patient and to data analysis, compared to 28% using conventional computerized records (EMR). This, also results, in a maximum reduction in the risk of medical error due to the large amount of data entry and management.